Duncan Ward

Born in Zambia, educated Zimbabwe and University of Cape Town in South Africa. Lives and works in London. Came to Europe in the early ’80’s, started out as an assistant photographer, traveling widely throughout Europe and America. Having won a film competition began Filmakers Limited. Started a new career as a filmmaker. Producing portrait documentaries on several artists and directing numerous commercials as well as making several films. Branched out into writing and directing theatre, created the ‘found theatre company’ and produced three works to date.

Theatrical Works:
‘Hear Lies’ futurist adaptation of Orpheus and Eurydice; ‘Last Night – In the life of Antonin Artaud’ – Time out critics choice of the week; ‘Beelzebum Sonanta’ written by Stanislaw Witkiewicz, 1925, The Gate Theatre; ‘Comedy, Irony, Satire and other Deeper Meanings’ written by Christian Grabbe’s 1822, The Gate. London.

Films and Documentaries:
‘Boogie Woogie’ feature film; Three filmed stage performances of Tadeusz Kantors Cricotec2 – Wielopole Wielopole, The Dead Class and Let the Artist Die; ‘Polish Matter’, film on Tadeusz Kantor; ‘Doorways to Dunbar’, series of short films dramatized for the web; Adapt Rilke’s Duino Elegies No.1,3 & 7; ‘Art & Space’, portrait of an art journey; Edinburgh Tapes, film on a Paris theatre company; ‘The Reburial of Haile Selassi’ documentary; ‘Dead men don’t remember’ featuring Rachel Wiesz; ‘Tarasiewicz’, portrait of the polish artist Leon Tarasiewicz – Awards Genova film festival ’92; ‘Buzz’, director of two episodes of TV series for channel 4 & MTV; Imaginary Landscapes, portrait on Brian Eno – Awards Golden gate film festival San Francisco ’90, Cork Film festival ’90, Genova film festival ’92; ‘Kantor’, portrait of theatre Director Tadeusz Kantor – Awards Genova Film festival ’92 & Berlin Film festival ’87; ‘The making of Insignificance’, promotional film for Jeremy Thomas on Nico Roeg’s feature film Insignificance.